After research and development, it‘ s time to go to market!

The market launch of new technologies is the most important and challenging phase of a public R&D project.
Get experts on board and reward yourself for your years of work with market success.

Venture Creation with consider it

The commercialization of product developments is always considered difficult and risky. We minimize your risk by applying state-of-the-art processes and methods and thus increase the chances of success for an innovative venture.

Commercialization of public funded projects

The integration of commercialization processes into the research and development project is important for later success on the market. It takes a lot of intuition to transfer the mainly technology-driven projects into an organically developing venture.

  • With our experience in successful product development and company formation, we support you right from the start to get more out of your investment.
  • To do this, we involve all partners at an early stage, establish regular checkups, coaching sessions and workshops to develop a joint business model for a product. We also reduce the development risk by further gathering market feedback and finding additional application areas for your product.
  • While most publicly funded research projects pay off in the long run through the IP obtained, you immediately increase the chance of further sales through the joint product focus.

Commercialization of in-house innovation projects

In addition to the commercialization of public funded R&D projects, we also support the commercialization of in-house projects.

  1. Through workshops and a modular process, we support you in every step of your exploitation and design the market introduction tailored to your innovation and the market requirements.
  2. Regular milestones and agile evaluation processes ensure that the next step is always in sight and validated. Even if conditions change, you can be confident that your venture is heading in the right direction and will be successful in the market.
  3. With many years of experience in project management of international innovation projects, we are experts in finding early adopters, validating results by customers at an early stage and mitigating the economic risk of your market entry strategies.

Venture creation is a process – we accompany you and help you to create a successful company.

Our offer

The offer of consider it is a modular process. That means, workshops and processes are selected individually for each project to achieve the objectives. We are offering services on the following topics:

Market Analysis

Team Building

Customer Evaluation

Business Model Creation

Product Plan Development

Individual and team coaching




Risiko prevention and milestone planning

Interest? Get to know us!

Noah Winneberger
Noah WinnebergerHead of Venture Creation
Als ehmaliger Software Entwickler und Manager von Blockchainprojekten hilft Ihnen Herr Winneberger gerne dabei Herausforderungen und Chancen großer Softwareprojekte zu meistern. Als Head of Venture Creation hat er dabei den Business Impact neuer Technologien immer im Auge.
Konstantin Graf
Konstantin GrafConsultant Venture Development
Mit seiner Jahrelangen Erfahrung im Bereich Community Building und Beratung von Blockchain und Advanced Manufacturing Projekten ist Herr Graf der richtige Ansprechpartner, um Neu- und Ausgründung im Tech Bereich mit Ihnen durchzuführen.