So, why not just jump right in?

It often takes a long time to hire the necessary experts for important digital projects…. what if you could start anyway?

With over 40 IT specialists, we work every day to equip your business for the digital age with the latest technologies. Our experts help you complete important projects efficiently and on time, keeping you that crucial bit ahead of the competition. We can advise you on relevant technologies and provide you with the experts to help you implement them in your company.

Together we make your ideas come true

Whether prototype or integration of a system – we support you in the realization. Our experts in the various areas advise you on the choice of the right technology and also implement it for you.

System development and integration

Research projects

Demonstrator  and Prototype Development

Our competencies

Machine-to-Machine Communication

Project experience with 5G, UWB & IEEE 802.11p (V2X)

Internet of Things

Project experience with IoT Tracker, Logger & Plattform

Machine Learning

Project experience with Computer Vision & Federate Learning

Electronic Consensus

Project experience with Blockchain, PKI & DID

Areas in which we are active

Sinnbild für die Automotive-Branche: Auf einer befahrenen Straße wird druch Wellen-Piktogramme Konnektivität zwischen Fahrzeugen, Straßenlaternen und Ampeln angedeutet.
Additive Manufacturing
Industry 4.0

Smart City

Our expert is at your service!

Leutrim Mustafa
Leutrim MustafaHead of System Innovation
Als Head of System Innovation ist Herr Mustafa für die Umsetzung verschiedenster Innovationsprojekte verantwortlich. Mit seiner mehrjährigen Erfahrung im Bereich Forschung und Entwicklung ist er der richtige Ansprechpartner für die Umsetzung Ihrer Ideen. Vereinbaren Sie jetzt ein Termin für ein erstes Gespräch.